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Healthy meat comes from healthy animals

Free-range and grass-fed meat from your local gourmet butcher is the ethical choice | Perth WA

Butchery first became a trade during the Middle Ages and reached its peak in Victorian times. As meat became more affordable — and thanks to the unavailability of fridges — trips to the butcher were part of everyday life.

Butchering has evolved since then. Supermarket shoppers demand square, uniform cuts of popular meats, and factory farming fills their demand.

Cutting dry aged meat with a bansaw

Traditional butchers are a cut above

Believe it or not, I was 12 when I started butchering. From a youngster sweeping the floors at Mends Street Meats in South Perth, my career as a butcher has taken me around Western Australia and overseas.

Creative Meats is a destination for discerning customers who’ve got beef with mass-produced meat. My long-standing relationships with suppliers and commitment to animal welfare mean you can be sure you’re eating the freshest meat from ethical producers.

The team at Creative Meats is here to help you make your meals memorable.

Here’s how: 

3 wagyu steaks on a small chopping board with salt

A full range of free range and grass fed products, sourced mostly from the Southwest of Western Australia

A selection of different sausages on a cutting board

Specialty cuts for dinner parties, celebrations, and weekend food adventures

A chicken with carrot and lemon ready to be roasted

In-store preparation advice to help make your meals tender, juicy, and finger-licking delicious

Mass-produced meat is the worst

For everyone from foodies to families, our range of meats, house-made meals, and gourmet groceries mean less time shopping and more time enjoying.

Our online store is constantly being updated with new products and recipes with new food ideas. 

Not only that, we’d love to see you in person! Pop into our shop inside The Herdsman — let’s chew the fat on all things carnivorous and make your next dinner one to remember.